Annual General Meeting

Down South Jazz Club AGM – 2021

The Annual General Meeting for the Down South Jazz Club will be held at the Merimbula RSL on Monday 29th November (at 11:30 am). All members are welcome to participate, however only financial members are eligible to be part of the Committee, or to propose or vote on motions.

NOTE: Only the fully vaccinated may attend the AGM in person. All papers will be published on the web ahead of the meeting, so that any members not able to attend can be informed about the business of the meeting. If you wish to comment on any item of business, please send us an email (or call Adrian on 0419 557 800 if you don’t do email).


In accordance with the Rules, the Committee will resign at the AGM and a new Committee will be elected. If you wish to nominate yourself or another member for Committee Membership, please complete a nomination form and return it by email, hand it to a current committee member, or post it to PO Box 346 Merimbula NSW 2548.

Nomination forms need to be received by Monday 22nd November 2021. If insufficient written nominations are received before the meeting, nominations will be accepted from those members in attendance at the AGM.