With commendable self confidence, the committee opened proceedings with a successful visit by Tom Baker’s Swing Street Orchestra at the Hideaway restaurant in Bega, with a net profit of $147.74. If only subsequent committees could make a similar boast!

Throughout the year, performances by local musicians were held approximately monthly at the Bank Hotel, Bega and the Top Pub, Pambula. A concerted membership drive saw membership rise in the first year to 182. A number of fine visiting artists performed at the Bank Hotel and Hideaway Restaurant in Bega and Eastern Jade Restaurant in Merimbula:

27th April -Tom Baker’s Swing Street Orchestra – Hideaway Rest.
13th June – Sydney Jazz Quintet – Bank Hotel.
6th July – Mike Hallam Hot Six – Eastern Jade Rest. (A tribute to Louis Armstrong)
12th August – Madam Pat and Rag Tag Band – Bank Hotel.
!st Sept – Dick Hughes with DSJB – Hideaway Rest.
18th Oct – Tom Baker’s Swing Street Orchestra – Eastern Jade.
27th October – Graeme Bell’s Allstars – Bowling Club. (Graeme’s 70th birthday)11th November – The Mildewed Figge J.B. – Bank Hotel.

A very fine start to the Club’s programme, by any standards.

Visiting band members always stayed at the Cursley’s, Gordon’s and Percy’s and very many late nights ensued. One night, at the Cursley’s Lyn Wallis went missing and John Cursley eventually discovered him lying on his back in the front yard. Lyn then proceeded to bring John’s attention to the wonderful stars above Bega!