The Willows Era


Membership rose to 94.

The Club was Incorporated towards end of year.

Bob Porter, as musical co-ordinator, convinced the committee that we needed a base in which to conduct monthly jazz gigs. Various venues were proposed, but Bob came up with the Willows at Pambula. Bob made all the arrangements with Trish and Joe, the licensees, and thus started a very happy association for nine years.

First Newsletters under the joint editorship of Mark Westwood, Colin Gould and Bob Wade.

John Moffatt appointed Public Officer, with the principal place of administration of the Club registered as 35 Beach Street, Merimbula.

Limited funds kept “imported “ musos to:

1st September – Paul Furniss & Paul Baker with Louisa Searle and Peter Saunders from Canberra and local musicians Bob Porter, Bill McLean and Bob Everard – Merimbula Golf Club.
3rd September – Paul Furniss & Paul Baker same backing – Greenacre.
22nd September – Sydney Jazz Quintet – Twyford Hall – joint venture with South Coast Arts Council.
28th October – Black & White Ball – Black Mountain Jazz Band – Twyford Hall.
17th November – Tom Baker’s Chicago Seven – Hideaway Restaurant.

The President commented in the Newsletter that the Sydney Jazz Quintet provided an excellent performance. Unfortunately, the concert was attended by only a select few – only about thirty turned up. This had a detrimental effect on subsequent attempts to lay on some modern jazz, the comment always being – it’ll cost us a bomb!

On Thursday 21st December, a large crowd enjoyed a Christmas function at the Willows. The band was led by Bob Porter, accompanied by Ken Gordon (piano), Bill McLean (banjo), Walter Brunton (washboard), Chris Owen (reeds) and Ted Daniel (drums). Later in the evening, Graeme Walker added his guitar to the band to signal the arrival of the one and only Pat Thompson for some outstanding vocals.