Material for this history has been gathered principally from a virtually complete collection of Newsletters in the possession of Robin and Avis Willis, kindly made available to the editor, from entries in the Club’s cash book, and from the committee’s Minute Book.

Regrettably periods existed when the Newsletter issues were many months apart, and information on happenings – such as the appearance of bands – was not recorded. That bands actually performed in the period was confirmed by entries in the cash book – but until recently, bands in that document were not identified by name.

It was therefore impossible to list all the local bands that appeared each month at the Willows and Lakeview and in other locations before 1989. Also, even if it were possible to record this information, it would have more than doubled the size of this document.

However, in adopting this course, an injustice has no doubt been done to those many local musicians who were (and still are) the backbone of music in the club.

The hundreds of performances given by these dedicated musicians for our pleasure have done more than anything else to establish the Club on a firm footing, and members and others owe them an enormous debt of gratitude, which the editor would like to acknowledge here.

This document is not a history of jazz on the Far South Coast and only occasionally is reference made to “non Club sponsored” jazz. However, many restaurants, pubs and bodies such as the Bega Arts Council have provided jazz over the years – the most notable being, of course, the Merimbula Jazz Festival, which, until 1998, was conducted independently from the DSJC.