Membership remained almost constant at 104.

The following were the special events during the year:

19th January – Tony Thomas and Geoff Speed’s annual January visit with the backing of the Down South Jazz Quartet – Willows.
12th May – Black Mountain Jazz Band – Twyford Hall.
15th June – Nick Polites with Margie & Tony Fullerton, Bob Porter & John Marshall joined by “left-overs” from the 15th Merimbula Jazz Festival in the form of Dave Drummond, Noel Jones, Lou James, Gordon Benjamin and Pippa Wilson – Willows.
3rd November – Black & White Ball – Graeme Bell’s All Stars – Twyford Hall.
21st December – Christmas Party with nearly all local musos – Willows.

The post-festival bash at the Willows became an annual event, with mostly the same line-up of locals and visitors.

The attendance of 90 at the Black & White Ball was quite disappointing, considering the composition of the band. However, the Merimbula Spring Festival Committee had organised a pre- Melbourne cup night, complete with Calcutta and the works, at the Grange on the following Monday night (two nights later), which attracted over 250 people. No doubt a fair number of our normal customers would have been included in that figure. The Committee resolved to keep our ball date well away from the Melbourne cup weekend in future.