Membership increased from 188 to 203 during the year.

Local musicians fees were increased from $50 to $65.

Purchase of an acoustic piano was investigated to comply with the requirements of visiting bands such as the Swedish Jazz Kings, but abandoned on grounds of cost and difficulty in storing, moving and tuning the instrument. In extreme cases, a piano can be hired from Ian Hargreaves in Bega.

A new Club banner suitable for use as a backdrop on regular gigs and also as a Club banner in jazz festival parades was purchased from Wilson Signs.

An attempt was made to enlarge the scope of the Club by organizing special nights to play tapes, CDs and videos of jazz bands, have illustrated lectures on specific musicians and the like but not proceeded with due to lack of interest.

Regrettably, Peter Horton passed away on 26th December.

The following bands performed for the Club during the year, all at Lakeview Hotel.

14 January – Society Syncopators
21 January – Sapphire Coastal Patrol with Mart Rodger from Manchester
18 February – Pierre Kammacher and Gordon Benjamin with John Moffatt, Bill McLean & Walter Brunton
18 March – Tom Baker, Roger Janes and Paul Furniss with Margie & Tony Fullerton & Ken Vatcher
15 April – Down South Jazz Quartet with Roger Janes

29 April – A Touch of Class with Kaye Payne from Tasmania
14 May – Society Syncopators
20 May – George Washingmachine Quartet
11-14 June – Merimbula Jazz Festival; Festival “ Leftovers Band”
15 July – Bob Porter’s “D’Jazzco”
14 August – Pierre’s Hot Five
16 September – Zenith Jazz Band (John Edser)
21 October – Sapphire Coastal Patrol
18 November – Bob Henderson, Paul Furniss and Tom Baker with Margie & Tony Fullerton & Ken Vatcher
17 December – Christmas Party with the Black Mountain Jazz Band