Membership dropped to 187.

The following bands entertained us during the year at the Lakeview Hotel:-

7 & 8 January – The Society Syncopators
20 January – Bob Barnard with Jim Cullum, Kevin Hunt, Ed Gaston & Len Barnard
18 February – Alan Davey, Paul Furniss & Ed Wilson with Margie & Tony Fullerton & Ken Vatcher
16 March – D’Jazzco
24 March – The Society Syncopators
27 April – The Canberra Connection
18 May – Remembrance Concert for Peter Horton
1 June – Olympia Jazz Band (Geoff Bull)
15 June – Festival “Leftovers Band”
20 July – Alan Davey, Paul Furniss, Roger Janes with Margie & Tony Fullerton & KenVatcher
17 August – Lakeview Allstars
21 September – Down South Jazz Band with Jiri Kripac
20 October – Black Mountain Jazz Band
16 November – Bob Barnard, John McCarthy & Ed Wilson with Margie & Tony Fullerton & Ken Vatcher
22 December – Christmas Party with New Orleans Wonderdogs (Gary Simmons)

Carbon Copy were appointed as printers. This was an inspired move as we have enjoyed much helpful assistance over the years from John and Peter Spinks. Neil McGill designed a new advertising poster.

Membership fees were increased from $15 to $20 (renewals) and from $20 to $25 (new applications).

A new sound system was purchased for $6,100, complete with fold back speakers and an auxiliary speaker at the rear right side of the hall to eliminate the sound barrier effect on that side.

Long serving auditor Ron Doyle was forced to resign due to ill health and Stephen Clarke appointed in his place. Mr & Mrs Doyle were elected life members of the Club in recognition of Ron’s sterling work over the years.

To combat the effects of the GST, the Merimbula Jazz Festival Sub Committee separated from the Club.

The musicians attending the Peter Horton Memorial Concert referred to above

gave their services free and special collections and raffles were held to optimize receipts for his widow, Helen. $1,365.60 was raised on the night. Musicians attending were: Arthur Turner, John Marshall, Bob Porter, John Moffatt, Don More, Bill McLean, Walter Brunton, Margie and Tony Fullerton, Ken Vatcher, Ted Graves, Stephen Clark, Gordon Benjamin and Michael Young.

On a sad note, the 17 August gig filled at short notice by the Lakeview Allstars, was meant to be – Carol Ralph with Roger Janes, Sandro Donato, Karl Hird with Margie, Tony and Ken. Unfortunately, the day before, Roger Janes received severe injuries in a car accident, from which he ultimately died.