Membership increased again from 187 to 213, our best ever. Strangely, membership seems to go up when annual fees are increased!

Bands performing during the year were:

11 January – Roger Janes Benefit night
19 January – John Cameron Jazz Band
25 January – The Society Syncopators
15 February – The Fortified Few
22 March – Paul Furniss, Tom Baker & Bob Henderson with Margie & Tony Fullerton & Ken Vatcher
6 April – The Society Syncopators
19 April – Down South Jazz Band
17 May – Alan Davey, Anita Thomas, Roy Ferrin with Arthur Turner John Marshall & Pol O’Shea
14 June – Festival gig – Rampart Street Jazz Band (Dave Drummond)
17 July – “Two Pianos” with Margie Fullerton & Arthur Turner
16 August – Des Camm Jazz Band
20 September – Paul Furniss, Bob Henderson, Tom Baker with Margie & Tony Fullerton & Ken Vatcher
18 October – Phil Mason Jazz Band from UK
15 November – Down South Jazz Quartet + Robert Moffatt
20 December – Christmas Party with all local bands

The benefit night held on 11 January for Roger Janes, who was seriously ill in hospital, was attended by the following musicians, who gave their services free: Arthur Turner, John Marshall, Bob Porter, John & Robert Moffatt, Bill McLean, Walter Brunton, Margie and Tony Fullerton, Ken Vatcher, Ted Graves, Stephen Clark, Kim and Ben Rushworth and Beverley Sheehan. As usual in these cases, the hard word was put upon the audience to boost door takings and raffle proceeds with their generosity and resulted in the sum of $1,400 being forwarded to Roger. (Regrettably, Roger died on 6.3.01).

Local musicians fees were increased from $65 to $100.

The Post of Hostess was created on the Committee, with Gloria Campbell being elected.

We were indirectly affected by the September 11th terrorist bombings in the USA in that the 10th Avenue Jazz Band, booked for October, had to cancel.

Admission fees were raised for visiting bands from $5/$10 to $10/$15 and for visiting front line to $8/12 (members/visitors).

Concern was shown for the low attendances of Club members at our functions. Of 14 jazz nights in the past year, members attendance was 924, or 66 per night out of a membership of around 200 (33%).

Local musicians who played at our Christmas Party provided their services free of charge.

As the auditor appointed for the year ran into difficulty in devoting the time necessary to check our books due to pressures of regular business, Tony Fullerton kindly obliged.